His N’ Hers

10 Jan

I came up with this concept last night when me and my honey where talking about my selfishness. I want him to do what I want when I want. That means everything from watching one of MY Shows and NONE of his to eating what I want to loving….when I want(personal right?) But true!I’ve been struggling with the concept of sharing and giving into what’s mine is yours in my long term relationship with my honey. That sounds crazy after being with someone you plan to marry and have been with for years, but there are too many areas that I want just for me, and when you are a team, there are not “me” or “I” things.

The thing is, I have had to share my entire life…well since my sister(whom I adore) was born thirteen months after me! So, I went instantly from sharing Everything with her including car, apartment, shoes, bed, whatever to sharing those same things with my honey…minus the shoes…lol! Somewhere in between all that sharing, I became really protective of “my stuff” because in my mind, I didn’t have the chance to just have my “stuff.”

The more we talk about my flaw(if you will) the more I realize that I’m not trying to be a butt crack and have everything my way, it’s just that I’m looking for something to call just mine! My show, my money, my car…mine, mine, mine. In the midst of my “Mine” madness, he is the most selfless individual I know. He has on occasion given his last dime to strangers, always makes sure I’m taken care of  no matter the consequence it has on him, goes without for years, to make sure everyone in his home is okay, and that shows me that my pettiness needs to be surrendered for the sake of  the commitment  walk we will undoubtedly take before God soon.

We can still have his and her times, and still come together and share(which) is what makes sharing with your kindred spirit better than having everything to yourself, and having no one to share it with.

Love is the best thing to share, and I’m blessed to have it reciprocated back so strongly!

Learning/ growing/ loving


2 Responses to “His N’ Hers”

  1. Tenai January 11, 2012 at 12:08 am #

    I’m so glad you finally realize your selfishness sis lol! Nah but its true we have shared everything since I came out mamas womb, so I know exactly how you feel. It is hard work but when you have a strong and caring partner on your side that can balance you out, it makes life a whole lot better. Your hunny really does balance you out and I’m happy yall were blessed with each other 🙂

  2. Joyce Benson January 11, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

    The most important statement you used in all of this is: Learning To Share. This will be one of the most crucial thing to remember in life, we share most things in life with someone or something, even the Air we breathe is shared with the world.
    Many are Praying right now for that special person to: SHARE their life with, let’s remember those who are waiting to Share and cherish that person who is on the other end of our lifeline.

    Mom aka Bebe

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