Walking on Water…

18 Jan

So, I have to let you all in on a miraculous blessing that happened to me. I know, I know, “who wants to hear about the great things happening for someone else, when you’re dealing with your own issues…right?” That’s usually what I think when someone talks about the ‘great’ things happening for them, when I’m in my own funk!

But really, this may help you sort through something you’re dealing with personally in your life.

Well, a little letter came to my place about two months ago, and it has been taking over my world ever since. I have been stressed, confused, and overwhelmed, trying to straighten out this situation with this company. The letter plagued me day in and day out, and the worst part…it is a mistake!  I knew that a mistake had been made, but proving it has been a run-a-round. All I knew was…I’m not paying for anything, that I feel is not something I owe. At the same time, my credit and the job I love is on the line here. (Yes) Some jobs require you to have squeaky clean credit at 27! So, I wanted this thing handled! Here I am walking around pissed…thinking about this damn letter everyday like an addict! I’m like I got this I’m going to fix it! But, nothing was working. I have been going at it with these people for weeks, and finally, I heard something at church (I know, I know but this is not cliche). She said why don’t you give it to God? That’s why you’re over exasperated and exhausted. Walk on water like Peter. Basically, stand up and have faith. Don’t let your faith be weakened by your situation. In the Bible Peter began to walk on water to Jesus, but then he got scared, lost his faith, and began to sink. Jesus says come to me, and Peter asks if he will make it across. As soon as his faith kicks back in, he can walk on water with Jesus.

My point to all this rambling is, I walked on water today, and have been ever since I decided to do so. I called the company, and the lady said(FORGET ABOUT THAT LETTER, I’LL TAKE CARE OF IT!)

No matter what your issue or religion…walking on water sure beats being overwhelmed constantly.



3 Responses to “Walking on Water…”

  1. Joyce Benson January 18, 2012 at 7:03 pm #

    This was a testimony of great multitude and courage. Prayer is the key and Faith unlocks the door to every aspect or our lives. For me, reading this provided the encouragement needed to push through the things we do not understand but must WAIT on HIM!!
    Amen my sister!

  2. Tenai January 19, 2012 at 3:50 am #

    That’s GREAT news sis!! God is so good, its a reminder also that He may not come when you want Him, but He is always right on time! Glad that weight is now lifted off your shoulders 🙂

  3. Mary J March 15, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    I was there when you “got that word.” I am at total peace, because I have learned that whatever situation, issue or person, that causes me to spend time woorrying, well if I immediately dismiss it from my mind and replace it with thoughts of who God is, (love peace, joy, etc), then the situation gets taken care of, because I am out of the way. If it comes back to my mind, again I dismiss it and replace with thoughts of God. Some call it “The Golden Key” – I call it “Letting Go and Letting God” No more anxiety, worry, depression just thoughts of God

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