Making your mark: (Diane)

9 Feb

Courtesy of Diane Scotton

First feature of the month:

Name: Diane Scotton

Your passion, dreams, aspirations

Diane’s passion is to become a well know black female event planner that not only plans, and executes events but has compassion for my customers. 

How long have you been working toward this?

More than three years in the making!

What project, goal, or idea are you working on?

Diane is working on a Seminar titled: Weddings on a Budget, which will be held on March 3, 2012 in Clearwater, FL

What do you hope to accomplish?

She hopes to accomplish the ability to teach brides that they can still have that special day without breaking the bank, and  to do away with the brideszillas!

What do you hope will be your legacy?

Diane hopes to be known as the ‘Planning Diva With Compassion.’

Who is a black figure (past, present, future) that inspires you?

Diane is inspired by both past and present African American Figures:

Madam CJ Walker and First Lady, Michelle Obama

Diane is a history maker in her own right! She is going after a dream, despite the hurdles that may get in her way. Many of us succumb to a certain life, for various reasons (becoming a mom, caring for parents/spouses, financial hardship, etc.) Diane is showing us that you can live out your ideas, hopes and dreams, with patients, resilience, and hard work.

To contact Diane of Deziner Events for event/wedding planning:

Diane Scotton

Special Events/Wedding planner

DeZiner EventZ/The Planning Diva

Largo, FL

Keep reading this month to see who will be featured as a black figure making NEW history! You may just know them personally!

I hope these features motivate you to do something challenging in your life. It doesn’t have to be a business venture, but push for something better, aim for change!

Be blessed



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