Who Knew Vitamin D was so lacking in Black women?

15 Mar

My momma always asked me “Did you take a vitamin today? What did you eat good?” I’d respond with ‘yesssss,momma” In attempt to get her to stop asking me.  Well, as usual, momma was right!

I am almost positive that I’ve discussed the matter of me being tired and running on E constantly. If not, consider yourself aware. Many of you (ladies) may also feel like you’re running low- on- fuel, so to speak.  I mean a constant state of fatigue and exhaustion.

For almost three years, I’ve felt this overwhelming sense of physical tiredness, accompanied with irritability and weight gain. After almost falling asleep during a staff meeting at work, (horrible, I know) I made an appointment to see what was up with me. My results came back revealing low levels of B-12 and a Vitamin D deficiency. Both explain my extreme tiredness, moods, and slow weight loss, etc.

Apparently, low Vitamin D levels are common in black women, due largely to our darker pigmentation and lack of exposure to the sun. I researched various reasons, but I’ll take my Doc’s advice and take supplements to improve my health. I have got to get back to the fun, happy, energetic woman I was before all of these mid twenties health issues.

Many other illnesses can derive from these deficiencies, so I’m taking serious action to reverse the low levels in my body. This may seem minor to talk about, but if left untreated, can lead to breast cancer, diabetes, and cause other preventable illness. Just wanted my lady readers to be aware, and get tested for these things, even if you don’t have any symptoms. Plus, it helps you lose weight, and get your body back! Who doesn’t want that? Most of us twenty something’s are working overtime to get those teenage bodies back. It won’t happen with low metabolism, low vitamin D and low B-12(even with exercise).

Do your research and talk to your Doctor to make sure your levels are where they need to be. The average Vitamin D level should exceed fifty, and mine is twenty-two! That is pretty scary, so I just want you all to be informed and healthy.





One Response to “Who Knew Vitamin D was so lacking in Black women?”

  1. Joyce Benson March 15, 2012 at 8:03 pm #

    Very Informatve!
    Even a Mom can learn from this vital issue.

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