Curly Conversations

19 Mar

This Category is dedicated solely to the very distinct entity that is “black hair”.  I will talk about everything from great products to use, styling tips, new trends, and share photos!

Want to be featured on Caramel Conversations? Send pics of your ‘do.’ What’s your hair style for the week? Email the hairstyle you’re rocking to work, school, and spring break, this week. I want natural, relaxed (permed), braids, personality pieces (weave), dreaded up, whatever! I will publish them on the blog under the title feature Blog: The Complex, The Often Misunderstood, The lovely: Black hair…What you rockin’ this week?

I promise to make sure I cover a topic in relation to hair every time I try or hear of new hair trends, wigs, weaves…everything! Look for the words ‘Curly Conversations’ listed under Special Conversations that means I’ve posted a topic relating to hair. Since this site will not allow posts on separate pages, I will use the main page to post ‘Curly Conversation’ blogs, listed under Special Conversations>Curly Conversations. 

Send Hairstyle pics to:

or Tweet them to @caramelrell


I want to hear from you! Comment and Share if you enjoyed this post.

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