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Nurturing your 90-day challenge:

2 May

Many times, the reason we never see our dreams come to life is because we don’t nurture them; either because we don’t know how, or don’t have the motivation to see it through. With anything that is expected to grow, it has to be nourished. TLC is the only way to get you moving forward with your challenge.

Many times we doubt that we can really do something because of our situation or economic/social class limits. I too, have been guilty of keeping myself at a standstill because I felt I didn’t have the means or connections to jump-start my goals, dreams, etc.  It’s a constant struggle each day, but I live by “What God has for me is for me.” If you’re unsure of how to get started on your personal/professional challenge, do your research. Don’t allow your lack of knowledge or access keep you from getting started. Research, research, research! The only way to gain knowledge is to research and learn as much as you can. Ask others who’ve accomplished what you’re working on how they did it. If you don’t have access to the internet at home, go to your local library, or ask the local community college if they allow guest passes to their computer labs. Don’t allow your lack of technology hold you back.

Secondly, don’t do it alone! Give someone close to you (who believes in you) an idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. They can be your motivation warrior! You need a motivator to keep you going, especially when you want to give up. Road blocks and gatekeepers will undoubtedly get in the way, but stay strong! You’re motivation warrior is there to pick you up when it gets rough. No matter what your challenge is: losing weight, combating illness, being a better person, building a business small or large, working on your craft (music, writing, film) advancing in your current career, whatever the challenge; work until you win.

Share your stories here. If you’re at a standstill, and need motivation we can all get their together. I’m on day 2 of my challenge, and I’ve already had loss of direction and the wondered “what am I doing…will anyone care if I do this…will I be successful?” moments.

Don’t let those thoughts cloud your vision.

How is your 90- day challenge going? Have you begun, what’s keeping you at a standstill? Think about it or share it here. I embrace and encourage comments, and hope we can help each other.


Do the unthinkable in 90-days

25 Apr

Before I begin this post, I want to apologize for not posting anything new recently. Starting a blog and not posting regularly is unfair to you, so I will do better. Working full –time and the other daily routines shouldn’t keep me from my blogging duties!

So, without further ado……….

This may require some late nights and early mornings.

As you’ve hopefully read in my previous posts, I’m working on being closer to God, and strengthening my faith. I was unable to attend church service this past Sunday, because I was still recovering from my sinus congestion. I still wanted to hear the Word, so I turned the TV to the inspirational/gospel station. The message had to be meant for me to hear, because it truly gave me the push I needed.

From the time I was young, I always remember being artsy(wanting to draw, paint, write) I used to really want to be an illustrator, then I turned my attention on writing, because I was able to put my imagination to use in a whole new way. Plus, I kind of lost that drawing touch I once had in grade school. I’ve wanted to write since I first read Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree,then my junior year in High school  I read Alice Walker’s The Color Purple(needless to say, I was beyond intrigued by the world of creating characters) I was in love with the art of writing! My imagination runs wild, and I can be so detailed when I speak, but scared to put it to paper for fear of it not being accepted or understood by others.

I’ve started and stopped various stories, and never had the courage or push to keep going. I’ve never really given myself a time line to finishing any of my  work . Anyway, the message I received from the Pastor on the television spoke about planting your seeds (dreams) and allowing them to harvest and be multiplied by God (your faith). He went on about putting a certain dollar amount into your seed (dream) so that it can begin to harvest. Many of us allow ourselves not to live our dreams. We put our dreams on the back burner for so many different reasons: health, debt, children, and other personal needs. But if we put half of that into our seed, it would multiply and these small and seemingly important things would come later; but the dream would help you reach uncommon and unimaginable success, so that your needs are met.

I took this as a hint that I really need to put myself on a time line, and put way more effort into my dreams, goals, etc. My book has yet to be completed, and my other dreams have also been pushed aside. It’s time to stop worrying about how to get these things done, and do it! Let’s challenge ourselves for a 90-day Harvest! Write your seed down on a piece of paper, along with the steps to get there. Then, get started! In the words of Mary Mary “Go get your Blessing

What is your seed today? What do you envision for your life? Work on it now, and see yourself flourishing by stepping out on faith. Spend this week organizing your thoughts and your dreams and how you plan to put it in action. Next week, we’ll all start our 90-day challenge. I’ll do updates and you can update me on the status of your challenge.

Don’t defer your dreams! Let’s do the unthinkable together!

Leave a comment and let me know how it’s going or what steps you need to take!

Life’s Am I really here moments…

9 Apr

Guys, it’s been 7 months since my move to Georgia, and I still have my “Am I really here” moments. I am in love with this new life that I was blessed with! Things have come full circle, and it’s very humbling. I’m an emotional person anyway, so I can be driving home, and think about where I came from and burst into tears. They’re not sad tears, but tears of gratitude, and joy. I’ve been quite an emotional person since my mid-twenties, so I guess that’s who I am for now…lol

I was raised in the Church, and I was always a person who prayed and tried to lead a descent life. My faith began to be tested during and after undergrad. I graduated at the worst possible time. Gas was higher than we’d seen before and scarce at that! The economic recession hit, and my peers and I had no clue, what we were in for. I refer to it as the fight for fairness. None of my friends came from homes where our parents could financially take the burden of our rent, bills, etc. My friends and I have become the generation of ‘figure it out!”

Upon graduation, I got smacked with every financial distressing thing known to man. Things would happen in three’s and I felt that I couldn’t breathe. Bills were getting paid late (if at all!) the dog would get sick and need expensive medicine, the car would break down, and the  car note was high as heck, since I had no credit and no co-signer, I stayed sick constantly, so Dr. bills piled up! I’m thinking to myself… “Is this why I went to college? Come on!” Things got really bad, and I felt mentally, and spiritually  broken. I was accruing more than I was bringing in. My employer(s) weren’t paying me enough to live, and I have the feeling they thought they were doing me a favor!

 At the time, I was looking to the sky like…please help! My initial frustrations were mild. I would pray 6-10 times a day, and add a sarcastic please at the end. Then I got cocky, and rolled my eyes to the sky. The worst came when I was at wit’s end, and thought my current job was at risk due to some ridiculous technicality. I thought “Why would you bring me here, just so I could fall on my face?” I cursed God, and had never done that. I was in a faithless state of mind.

You see, it’s easy to believe and be of Faith when things are going well for you; but when hardships strike, that’s when you see how strong you really are. I failed miserably! But, I had a breakthrough in January and was brought closer to God despite what I had going on. I felt reassured that no matter what happened; I was safe with him.  I struggle at times, so it’s a constant battle, but the more engulfed in His arms I am, the easier it gets.

I couldn’t see what God had for me, so I was angry. I allowed my hardships to make me hard and bitter. I don’t want to be hard and bitter. These past three months have been a growing season for me. So if you pass me on 75 south, Cobb PKWY or just leisurely sitting in my car, eyes filled with tears…Know that I am filled with happiness and peace, because I’ve been made anew!

My honey and I have found a church home that we love! This new state has embraced us, and God is directing our Path. If you’re going through it today, let go and let God guide you. If you’ve done everything in your power to make situations better, and they don’t change, it’s not up to you to change it. Wait on God chile.

You’ve got to Worship until you win. Praise him through your circumstance. Here’s to new jobs, new dreams, new days and blessed finances for you all amen.

Walking on Water…

18 Jan

So, I have to let you all in on a miraculous blessing that happened to me. I know, I know, “who wants to hear about the great things happening for someone else, when you’re dealing with your own issues…right?” That’s usually what I think when someone talks about the ‘great’ things happening for them, when I’m in my own funk!

But really, this may help you sort through something you’re dealing with personally in your life.

Well, a little letter came to my place about two months ago, and it has been taking over my world ever since. I have been stressed, confused, and overwhelmed, trying to straighten out this situation with this company. The letter plagued me day in and day out, and the worst part…it is a mistake!  I knew that a mistake had been made, but proving it has been a run-a-round. All I knew was…I’m not paying for anything, that I feel is not something I owe. At the same time, my credit and the job I love is on the line here. (Yes) Some jobs require you to have squeaky clean credit at 27! So, I wanted this thing handled! Here I am walking around pissed…thinking about this damn letter everyday like an addict! I’m like I got this I’m going to fix it! But, nothing was working. I have been going at it with these people for weeks, and finally, I heard something at church (I know, I know but this is not cliche). She said why don’t you give it to God? That’s why you’re over exasperated and exhausted. Walk on water like Peter. Basically, stand up and have faith. Don’t let your faith be weakened by your situation. In the Bible Peter began to walk on water to Jesus, but then he got scared, lost his faith, and began to sink. Jesus says come to me, and Peter asks if he will make it across. As soon as his faith kicks back in, he can walk on water with Jesus.

My point to all this rambling is, I walked on water today, and have been ever since I decided to do so. I called the company, and the lady said(FORGET ABOUT THAT LETTER, I’LL TAKE CARE OF IT!)

No matter what your issue or religion…walking on water sure beats being overwhelmed constantly.