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Hair Chronicles…Mohawk

5 Jul
tophawkside hawkbackhawk

As I promised, I am posting pictures of my hairstyle each time I change it. I got tired of the puff, and tried something new. I’ve never actually styled my natural hair by itself i.e no help from personality pieces. I usually put a few flat twists in the front and add something on top. Yesterday, I was home for the Fourth of July, and had some time on my hands, and decided to go for it. I had no clue what kind of style I wanted for my hair, or how to accomplish it. Sometimes experiments turn out okay, so I went for it! It turned out okay, and although it’s not the perfect Mohawk, it made me feel confident to leave the house with MY hair, and know I can do many things with it! It gave me confidence in a whole new way. I don’t only feel confident with my hair, but it made me want to go after everything I want to accomplish! It’s amazing what trying something new can do for you! Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good lace front or half wig to assist me through some weeks! But, since going natural March 2010, I’m no longer a slave to the weave! Weave (personality pieces) are now an accent to my hair, not the main attraction!

For this style I used:

Beautiful Curls Products

Leave in Conditioner







And Curly Pudding






Cantu Shea butter pomade

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